Pack & Cash: The Lateral Victory Formula

Although the goal of any slot machine game is entertainment, some are much more enjoyable than others. Play’n GO’s newest release, Pack & Cash, does a fantastic job at reinventing the possibilities of a slot machine. Easy to play like a traditional slot machine, but with a horizontal (rather than vertical) movement of symbols. That’s because you’ll find them on a series of conveyor belts in a warehouse, and packing them will earn you points toward prizes.

Pack & Cash’s Structure and Mechanisms

This slot machine simulates the feel and function of popular games found on social networking platforms. The action takes place in a warehouse, on a machine that displays a number of products for you to pack and ship.

Each of the four rows of the packing machine may accommodate up to five goods. Cards (9, 10, J, Q, K, and A), a football, a rubber duck, a trophy, and a heart-shaped box are all ready to ship to consumers in paper packaging. The wild card is represented by the suitcase and the scatter by the rotating globe emblem.

Conveyor belts will rotate from right to left when the button is pressed. As new items emerge to fill the void, the old ones are buried alive. Prizes are awarded for obtaining 3, 4, or 5 identical products in horizontally or vertically adjacent locations from left to right, giving you a total of 1,024 possible combinations.

When you get a winning combination, the machine will eject those items and move the rest of the products to the left to fill the spaces. The conveyor belts will bring in more goods, giving you more chances to win. In essence, this is a cascade feature that operates in the opposite direction from the rest of the game.

Pack & Cash’s visual style is reminiscent of Pixar’s, and the’muzak’ in the background is hilarious. The excitement of this game is amplified by the fact that you can win while you work, adding to the ambiance of the warehouse environment provided by the ominous tannoy announcements and other fork-lift sound effects.

Packages Delivered Quickly and Other Special Packages

The conveyor belt will occasionally be swarmed by a large number of express packages. These seem like crate boxes, and when opened, they all display the identical product sign, upping your odds of winning.

In a similar vein, unexpected packages do occasionally arrive. There are two possible outcomes when this occurs. Either one item will be taken off the market, or another wild animal will be introduced. As a result, unexpected supplies are always welcome, as they ensure a successful combination.

Success Multiplier

We have mentioned that the cascade mechanism in Pack & Cash increases your chances of winning on each spin. We haven’t mentioned that a Win Multiplier is also in effect during this time. To raise the value of following wins, the Win Multiplier increases by 1 after each win removes a symbol. After a cascade has ended, this Win Multiplier will begin at 1.

Bonus Round of Free Spins

Three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the shelves will launch the bonus round of free spins. Free spins awards range from 3-20, with additional spins added for subsequent scatters throughout this round. You can get up to 75 free spins in any one bonus round.

Another intriguing aspect of this bonus is that the Win Multiplier does not reset until after the free spins have been played out. Because of this, the active multiplier can increase the intensity. The maximum win it might help you achieve is 10,000 times your initial wager.

An Enjoyable Task

“We love narratives and games series, but social mobile style games like Pack & Cash are so much fun to work on,” said Charlotte Miliziano, Head of Games at Play’n GO. It’s fun to try out new designs and formats to see what our gamers respond to. It’s exciting, vibrant, and extremely gratifying.






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